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Commercial Litigation

TMS is one of Mississauga’s leading commercial litigation firms carrying on a varied practice, representing individuals and companies of all sizes through effective courtroom advocacy. The firm handles complex and difficult matters and offers skilled and experienced litigation counsel dedicated to achieving timely and effective resolutions in commercial disputes. Our areas of expertise include:


-  Oppression Remedies

-  Landlord and Tenant Disputes

-  Claims for Breach of Contract

-  Real Property Disputes

-  Planning and Assessment Evaluations

-  Interlocutory and Injunctive Relief

-  Professional Negligence Claims

-  Employment Disputes and Wrongful Dismissal

-  Banking and Financial Matters

-  Manufacturing, Wholesale and Retail Disputes

-  Trucking and Transportation Conflicts

-  Construction Lien Claims

-  Shareholder, Joint Venture, and Partnership Disputes      

If you have any questions concerning Commercial Litigation please don't hesitate to contact us

For any inquires regarding Commercial Litigation please contact:

René Liebs-Benke

Email: - Telephone Number: 905-625-5591 Ext. 248

Carmen A. De Facendis

Email: - Telephone Number: 905-625-5591 Ext. 238

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