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Family Law

TMS’s Family Law team takes pride in achieving your personal goals while remaining focused on your family's circumstances and priorities. We work effectively with you for a fair resolution of any family dispute, whether it is straightforward or complicated. We represent our clients using comprehensive strategies, a determined approach and strong interest based bargaining. Our areas of expertise include:

-  Divorce Proceedings

-  Domestic and Prenuptial Contracts 

-  Separation Agreements

-  Spousal and Child Support Claims

-  Matrimonial Property Disputes

-  Child Custody and Access Arrangements

-  Alternative Dispute Resolution 

      (Mediation and Arbitration)  

If you have any questions concerning Family Law please don't hesitate to contact us

For any inquires regarding Family Law please contact:

Carmen A. De Facendis

Email: - Telephone Number: 905-625-5591 Ext. 238

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